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Tank Farm and Storage

Accudyne Industries pumps and compressors for oil and gas refining.

Gas Storage

Oil and Gas Tanks at Refinery

An oil depot or tank farm is a facility for the storage of oil and petrochemical products. The refined products which reach the depot are in their final form suitable for delivery to customers. In some cases additives may be injected into products in tanks. Modern depots comprise the same types of tankage, pipelines and gantries. Accudyne Industries business units provide pumps and compressors that are widely utilized for moving crude oil and refined products to and from storage tanks at refineries, petrochemical-chemical plants and storage depots.

NGL Storage


Sundyne Direct Drive Pumps meet exacting API standards and are utilized throughout oil and gas plants, refineries and petroleum-chemical plants for storage and transfer. Marelli API vertical sump and standard process centrifugal  pumps safely handle crude oil and derivatives from storage to transfer services. Sundyne integrally geared centrifugal compressors are extensively utilized for process gas moving and storage.
Milton Roy metering pumps and Williams injection pumps are widely utilized to inject chemicals for separation and treatment HMD sealless magnetic drive pumps safely handle light hydrocarbons without the risk of leaks or emissions. Milton Roy Mixers provide agitation to prevent material deposits in refined products.