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Power Generation

Accudyne Industries pumps and compressors for industrial manufacturing applications.
Power industry leaders look to Accuydne Industries to keep the lights and minimize downtime. Sullair air compression and Sundyne gas compressors are acclaimed for their lower space requirements and equipment lifecycle costs for fuel gas boost, atomizing air and turbine blade cooling.

Power Plant

Sundyne fit for purpose gas compressors are perfect for fuel gas boost in combined cycle power plants.

Combined Cycle Power Plant

The power generation market includes all activities concerned with the creation and transmission of electricity to consumers, as well as corporate concerns who manufacture consumables, chemicals, metals and other high technology devices. Many industrial facilities, including refineries, chemical plants and steel mills – as well as hospitals, universities and other large public institutions – operate their own on-site power plants to generate electricity reliably and cost effectively. The vast majority of electricity in the modern era is generated via the use of steam-driven turbines, which are fueled by burning natural gas, coal or other fossil fuels. Growth in renewable energy sources and combined cycle gas turbine units are reducing the use of traditional power sources creating opportunities such as fuel gas boost compressors. Accudyne Industries business units manufactures products that are an ideal fit for handling the applications and services associated with the power generation process:


Sundyne integrally geared centrifugal gas compressors are known for their compact space requirements, fast and reliable startup, and low equipment lifecycle costs for fuel gas boosting applications. Milton Roy metering pumps provide precise chemical delivery for cooling tower and boiler water treatment. Haskel liquid pumps and gas boosters serve an array of needs across a variety of power generation processes: dosing fixed amounts of caustic soda for descaling boilers; testing valves, pipelines and fittings; and for transferring SF6 gas from circuit breakers into storage cylinders and back again during circuit breaker maintenance.
Sunflo industrial grade centrifugal pumps are widely used for boiler water feed and NOx suppression.