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On-Shore Oil and Gas Production

Accudyne Industries pumps and compressors for petrochemical and chemical production industries.
From multipoint chemical injection to fail-safe emergency shutdown systems, our products are highly regarded within the industry for their precise, reliable and safe performance.

Fractionation Rig

Oil and Gas Production

Oil and gas production starts at the drill site, where oil and gas exploration and production companies extract raw crude oil from underground wells. Once out of the ground, the practical crude oil and gas undergoes an initial round of processing to separate the rich mixture of hydrocarbons, gas, solids and water in preparation for transport to refineries via pipeline, oil tanker, railcar or truck. Accudyne Industries business units manufacture pumps and compressors that are designed to stand up to the rigors associated with drilling and production processes:
Haskel high pressure pumps are utilized for high-pressure leak testing at the wellhead and valve actuation. Milton Roy metering pumps and customized packages inject methanol to prevent hydrate formation and corrosion inhibitors to maximize production flow in wells. ANSIMAG sealless magnetic drive pumps feed LACT units at the well-head in the fractionation drilling process.
Sunflo industrial grade pumps are widely utilized for water re-injection services at the well-head. ANSIMAG plastic lined sealless magnetic drive pumps safely handle caustics and acids. Marelli API vertical sump pumps are widely utilized for methane and hydrocarbon transfer services.