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Accudyne Industries pumps and compressors for oil and gas refining.

Oil Refinery

Operations in refining and petrochemical production require equipment that is both rugged and reliable.

Distillation Tower

Oil refineries are large industrial facilities loaded with complex piping networks to transport crude oil and its derivatives to different process units for conversion into fuels, oils, distillates and petrochemical feedstocks. Oil is offloaded from ships, railcars, pipelines and trucks into large tanks. Operators heat the oil to crack into hydrocarbons and push them up large distillation columns where they evaporate and are separated. The process is repeated in different areas of the refinery as the derivatives are processed into more products such as naptha, gasoline, diesel fuel, asphalt, heating oil, kerosene and liquefied petroleum gas. Most refineries have thousands of pumps installed to process and move crude oil and its derivatives. With a broad portfolio of pumps and compressors available to our customers, Accudyne Industries business units offer a technological solution for virtually every step of the oil refining process:
Petrochemicals are usually derived from cracking hydrocarbons, or chemical processing.

Coking Unit

Sundyne integrally geared and Marelli standard API centrifugal pumps are utilized throughout refineries for fluid handling, boost, tank farms, distillation, column and cracker feed. Sundyne integrally geared centrifugal compressors are a popular choice for recycle gas, reactor feed, regeneration, recirculation, ethylene feed and recycle. HMD sealless magnetic drive pumps safely handle light hydrocarbons without the risk of leaks or emissions.
LMI chemical metering pumps for water and wastewater treatment and electronic and motor-driven pumps are available for flow proportional applications with liquid handling configurations for slurries and high viscosity chemicals. Milton Roy metering pumps and Williams injection pumps are widely utilized to inject chemicals for separation and treatment. Milton Roy Mixers provide agitation to prevent material deposits in refined products.
BuTech high-pressure valves are manufactured to the highest standards to provide critical pressure control throughout refineries.