A Rich History of Industry Leading Brands and Products

Accudyne Industries has a long history of innovation, stemming from the entrepreneurial spirit of the founders of Milton Roy, Sundyne, Sullair, and Haskel.  For more than 75 years, our business have brought first of their kind products to the marketplace. Today as a leading manufacturer with factories in five countries, we work relentlessly to become our customers’ most valued partner through the provision of superior, innovative product and exemplary service.

A Brief Timeline of Notable Achievements

1936 Milton Roy Sheen and his son Robert develop the first self-controlled volume pumps to satisfy a chemical feed requirement
1947 HMD Pumps pioneered the sealless magnetic drive pump manufactured for ICI to handle Dowtherm at 300°C
1954 Haskel pioneers the development of the first dry running hydraulically-driven gas booster, which did not require lubrication for the compressor, to deliver compressed nitrogen and helium to pressures as high as 10,000 psi
1956 HMD produces vertical magnetic drive pumps installed in the United Kingdom’s first nuclear reactor
1957 Sundstrand develops the first water injection pump for the commercial jet aircraft industry. The pump is designed to boost engine thrust during takeoff
1962 First Sundyne high-speed centrifugal pump sold to Shell Chemical
1963 Haskel introduces the first air-driven gas booster and first air-driven liquid pumps
1965 First Sundyne high-speed process gas compressor sold to Union Carbide
1974 Dosatron invents the water-powered proportional dosing pump, and manufactures and delivers its first production pump
1975 Haskel innovates the air pressure amplifier expanding the high-pressure equipment offering
1978 HMD supplies first magnetic drive pumps with rare earth magnets increasing drive efficiency to 92%
1985 ANSIMAG introduces first heavy-duty, non-metallic, ANSI, ISO, and JIS compliant magnetically driven pumps that reduce down time, seal maintenance and fugitive emissions
1988 HMD delivers first sealless pumps for UK Trident nuclear submarines
1989 YZ Systems introduces the first odorant injection system for natural gas pipelines
1994 Sullair enters China and establishes joint venture in Shenzhen
1995 BuTech introduces the first high pressure PEEK seated Remotely Operated Vehicle suitable ball valves to the sub-sea market
1997 Haskel introduces the first non-magnetic Monel Oxygen Booster in compliance with UK Ministry of Defense, NASA and ASME guidelines
1998 Williams Instruments introduces the first pneumatically-operated hydraulic diaphragm pump for use in oil & gas production where electric power is not available or not desirable
2005 ANSIMAG introduces the first fully encapsulated inner magnetic drive that provides improved corrosion resistance and reliability for the most demanding chemical applications
2009 HMD introduces the first 40 Bar API compliant high efficiency composite containment shell for magnetic drive sealless pumps
2012 HMD introduces the first 40 Bar API compliant high efficiency composite containment shell for magnetic drive sealless pumps

Hartell introduces the first truly compliant UL 2043 Plenum Rated Commercial Condensate Pump (“Plenum Plus”) designed to provide enhanced safety to building air handling spaces

Milton Roy launches the Primeroyal X metering pump designed to operate under high pressures up to 20,000 psig


BuTech introduces a line of 20,000 psig relief valves with a unique design to enable the valves to automatically reseat after each pressure release, minimizing the need for frequent recalibration providing reduced maintenance and downtimeHaskel introduces the new H-Drive generation of hydraulically driven gas boosters for high rate and pressure gas compression and transfer applications to enable Hydrogen and CNG refueling to tube trailer supply and Helium blanketing

Sundyne announce the launch of their low NPSHr, high-flow LMV-803Lr available in either API-610 compliant OH3 or OH5 motor mounting configuration that provides 5 ft (1.5 m) NPSHr performance for flows to 800 GPM (180 m3 / hr) and heads to 1,000 ft (305 m)

Sundyne introduces a new series of fit-for-purpose centrifugal gas compressors targeting the power generation market for gas-fired facilities that require compression to boost fuel gas from pipeline pressure to the higher pressures used by the turbine

Milton Roy introduces the Proteus Intelligent Chemical Metering Pump to meet the specific requirements of municipal and industrial water and waste treatment. Proteus pumps off a new level of intelligence and control